Why Join CLCF Track and Field?

Learn a Healthy Lifestyle

Running can be a lifelong healthy habit. Allow your child to learn in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. CLCF Panthers can teach the joy of competition for those who are ready. 

Create Friends for Life

Working with their teammates and cheering them on, helps creates friendships that last and will live on well after the season is over.

A Program for Everyone

Whether your child is experienced or brand new to cross country and track and field, there is a program for them. Whether your child likes short distance, long distance or wants to try throwing the discus, there is an event for them. All done in competitive and fun atmosphere. 

CLCF Panthers Racing Team Results

Needham Youth Classic (outdoor)

2017-1st place     2013-12th place

2016-1st place     2012-9th place

2015-3rd place

2014-9th place

Needham Youth Indoor Classic

2017-9th place        2016-13th place

USATF Results

2017 XC-NE

2017 Outdoor -National, Regional, NE Meets

2017 Indoor-Zone and National Meet