Spring Meet Dates-2019

Free Youth Meets-ages 5-14!

Meets begin on May 4, with 4 more dates on May 11, 18, June 1 and 8.

No upcoming events.

Youth Meets 8:30-11:30 am


Order of Events-Running

Start time for the first running event is 8:30 am.

Ages for each event are noted in parenthesis. 

3000 M (11+)

100 meter sprint (all)

400 M (all)

1500 M (9+)

Hurdles (all)

50 M (all)

800 M (all)

200 M (all)

Relays (all)

Who can Compete?

All CLCF Meets are free to all CLCF athletes or any other athlete, 5-14, who wants to compete and have fun. 


CLCF has hurdles for all ages-

  • 12 inches for 5-6 year old
  • 18 inches for 7-8 year old
  • 24 inches for 9-10 year old
  • 30 inches for 11-14 year old

Field Events

  • Shot put-up behind the concession stand
  • Turbo javelin (mini javelin)-in football field
  • Long jump-Two long jump pits behind the end zone, 1 for girls and 1 for boys


Ribbons are handed out to the top 3 finishers in each race. 

Results are posted on this website, CLCF Track's Facebook page and emailed out to the CLCF families. 

Concession Stand and Parking

A concession stand will open selling refreshments and snacks. 

There is plenty of parking along Phenix Ave, Metropolitan Ave and in the Cranston West parking lot. 

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